Leading-Edge Design and Advanced Framework

eCollections is forged on a highly secure Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that: 

  1. Delivers rapid, reliable, and secure data transmission. eCollections is unmatched in its ability to easily scale to any requirement.
  2. Provides secure, efficient marshalling of information. To communicate to the database we developed a state-of-the-art architectural design, the Distributed Object Framework™ (DOF), which is comprised of lightweight objects that were designed employing proven software engineering methodologies. Efficient paging of information retrieved from the database is built into the software.
  3. Provides a complete API. Built on a firm foundation of service-oriented architectural principles, eCollections provides a full, object-oriented API enabling enhanced extensibility that can be rapidly achieved in a very flexible, modular fashion. Any new or extended information can readily become a part of eCollections without impacting core functionality. Extended functionality and integration with other technologies and services can be rapidly achieved. 
  4. Includes integrated and greatly enhanced logging and diagnostics to support problem resolution.