'Pay As You Go' - Pay Us When You Get Paid

eCollections has been a premium provider in the recovery industry since 1999, offering a hosted solution and integrated third-party services years before the competition with a portfolio of successful customers who have collected billions of dollars. A huge investment was recently completed to completely rewrite, enhance features, and modernize the software and it is now simply the most capable, feature-rich, robust, and configurable product on the market. The software suite has always been able to accommodate operations from a single user to thousands of collectors, but until recently our focus has been on mid-sized to large clients.  

We are announcing our new partnership program, our 'Pay As You Go' model offers our best of breed software to smaller and mid-size operations including real estate/apartment, doctors/dentists, law offices, and small debt buyers. This is the same enterprise capable software running numerous collections operations across the country, but we have removed all cost associated barriers of entry allowing you to maximize your collections efforts with eCollections. We offer your business our full-featured software suite in our hosted environment with no startup or licensing fees. When you receive debtor payments, we take a very small transactional fee. For less than you typically pay to process a credit card transaction, you get to use the entire eCollections software product to grow your business and enhance your recovery efforts. We are so confident that our software will dramatically boost your bottom line that we are comfortable removing all licensing fees - we only get paid when you get paid. The details of how the program works are as follows: 

1. Call (515) 564-0585 to sign up.

2. Explore our comprehensive instructional training content at eCollections Interactive and learn about how to use the software to maximize your collections efforts. We also provide a wealth of content on best practices and approaches to improve your recovery rate. 

3. Finalize your signup. We do require a one-time $100 deposit paid by credit card to prevent non-serious people from spinning up a hosting account. This amount will be refunded and credited back to you as deductions from your eCollections transaction fees. 

4. Download the eCollections client software to the Windows-based computers you want you use. 

5. Use our new graphical, intelligent import tool to load accounts to work. 

6. Start collecting and watch your business grow!   

Are there hidden fees or costs? No, when you collect a payment you pay us a small transactional fee. You will be invoiced every seven (7) days for our percentage. While there are no hidden fees, there are additional services you may purchase from us or third-parties to assist you, but they are all optional. Third party integrated services are available and fees are associated with their use. eCollections provides tight integration with several providers for skip tracing, letter generation and dialers. If you want to use any of these services, we will direct you to the provider of your choice and after they have boarded you as a customer and notified us, we will activate your service in eCollections, note we do have a one-time $50 activation fee for third-party services. Additional services offered by our staff include training, help desk support, and data import and manipulation services. It is not required that you buy any of these services and we have a vast library of resources online to cover everything you need to know, but we are available if you need us. The service cost matrix is as follows: 

1. Help desk support: $100/hour billed in 15 minute increments. 

2. Live web training by our instructors: $250/hour. 

3. Data and import services: $125/hour. 

Because we are offering you the software with no upfront costs we are required to bill for services at the time of service. For example, if you call our help desk, we will verify your customer ID and credit card information and charge your card at the time service is rendered. 

Can you cheat our system by withholding data about receivables from eCollections, thus avoiding paying our transaction fees? The short answer is no. We use a variety of monitoring techniques including sophisticated statistical algorithms derived from 20 years of real-world data to monitor the software and its usage. We will detect fraud and terminate your service without notice. Also, this software offering is only for active debt collections operations, do not try to use eCollections as a data warehouse. Such usage will be detected and your service terminated.  

All good partnerships are ultimately beneficial for both parties and we will do our part in good faith by offering you top-of-the-line hosted collections software to grow your business without expecting you to hand over large setup fees or pay hefty licensing costs.